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Mosquito Control

If you’ve ever tried to enjoy dining outdoors in our beautiful Michigan summers, you know that the fun is constantly interrupted by the annoying buzz and painful bites of mosquitoes. Even worse, mosquitoes transmit disease, which in Michigan may include West Nile Virus, two types of encephalitis, Jamestown Canyon Virus, and canine heartworm. Citronella products just don’t cut it, especially for large gatherings.

Barrier Treatment: How It Works

Our barrier protection mosquito treatment eliminates the source. It rids your yard of mosquitoes on contact and for up to three weeks after application. Our technicians take special care to minimize environmental impact by not applying the microencapsulated treatment to flowering plants. All you have to do is keep people and pets out of the yard for 30 minutes after treatment, then proceed to enjoy your mosquito-free summer.

Barrier protection mosquito control treatments are applied to your entire yard. Starting from the perimeter and working inward, our trained and licensed technicians treat your yard every 2-3 weeks for mosquito protection. The treatment acts as a barrier in your yard protecting you from 85-90% of the mosquitoes. Not only does the treatment eliminate mosquitoes on contact, but it also continues to work for up to 3 weeks.

Our Process – It’s All About You

  • We provide you with your treatment dates for the season.
  • We send a reminder notice along with our ETA the day before each treatment.
  • We text you when your the next customer on the route.
  • We check in with you when we arrive.
  • We provide a summary of your treatment immediately after your yard has been protected.
  • We return no questions asked if your not 100% satisfied with the treatment.

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