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Special Event Treatment

No one appreciates smacking away pesky mosquitoes during special outdoor events, especially a bride during her outdoor wedding in her pristine, white wedding dress. Don’t let your guests, in the Fenton-Brighton area, get bitten by party crashers! If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, graduation party, backyard barbecue or other event, let the Mosquito Squad of Fenton-Brighton use our expert knowledge to prevent bugs from becoming unwelcome guests and protect party-goers not only from discomfort, but also potential mosquito-borne illnesses.

What We Can Do for You

With a couple of questions about your property and event, our friendly consultants can explain the available services and schedule an optimal protection treatment 24-72 hours prior to your special occasion. We work around your schedule and ensure treatment application is completed well before food and dinnerware arrival, so there’s no chance of contamination. Our licensed Fenton-Brighton area mosquito control technicians evaluate the property then apply a thorough treatment, especially around potentially high mosquito population areas.

Our EPA-approved treatment dries in about 30 minutes and creates an odorless barrier that effectively eliminates 90-95% of pests to provide an almost completely bug-free affair. Our time-controlled solution continues to eliminate and repel mosquitoes throughout your event, so you can party all night long without fearing your guests’ fondest memories are tarnished by battling swarming mosquitoes. We’re confident you’ll tell bugs to buzz off, so we back our special event treatments with a no hassle, 100% money back guarantee.

The Cons of Other Options

While many outdoor bug control options exist, most aren’t nearly as effective or aesthetically pleasing as our treatment barrier. Guests don’t really want to hear or smell bugs in a bug zapper and mosquitoes aren’t particularly attracted to these devices. Mosquito netting isn’t practical in large spaces and as guests move in and out of the netted areas, bugs will find a way in. Using bug repellent creams or sprays on every inch of exposed skin could cause a rather unpleasant odor and no bride wants to smell like DEET on her wedding day. Even mosquito repelling candles would require a vast number to cover large areas and pose a potential fire hazard.

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